Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome to Honors

Welcome to Mrs. Moritz's 9th Honors English class blog.
Please answer all of the following questions and respond to what your classmates post.

What are qualities of good teachers?
What are qualities of good students?
What expectations do you have of this class?
What expectations do you have of me as your teacher?


nsidor said...

I think that there are several important qualities of good teachers. I really appreciate it when the have an open mind about new ideas, and are wiling to listen to issues students have inside and out of school. It is also helpful if the teacher makes sure everyone is on the same page, no one is left behind, and that the students receive help if needed. These are just some ideas.

mchang said...

I believe the qualities (or at least some of them)of a good teacher consists of being responsible and actually caring how the students do and how their future turns out. Teachers who really do care work with their students more than their job requires them to in order to just keep their job.

Qualities of good students, to me, are fairly similar to that of a good teacher. A good student also has to be responsible and also has to care. He/she would not only do what the teachers assign to them, but they would either do it outstandingly (rather than just the normal way that an average student does) or he/she would go even further, past the requirements of their assignments.

I expect every student in this class to have both of those qualities. As honor students, we earned that "good student" image, and therefore we should be responsible and show that that is the image we deserve, instead of letting the people who put us into this class down.

As my teacher, I would like to see you help us excel in this class and really work with us to reach our full potentials.

I know this was a long post, but at least I got all my thoughts down, right? :)

--Melissa (Chang)

AaronF said...

A good teacher will teach the class and be into the subject while the bad teacher will just teach with little enthusiasm. A good teacher will also take the class and help the students with all of their heart, and not let the students figure out the class work by themselves. A good student would take the class and be into it and not sit in the class and text on their cell phone. In addition to this the student should be able to study and be prepared for everything that happens in class by doing their homework. I expect to improve my writing and form. Also I plan to be ready for class and work hard to get an A. I expect the teacher to maintain her sense of humor and to make the class interesting.

michelles said...

I think a good teacher is always trying to have fun, trying different things to actually make learning enjoyable. A good teacher also takes things at a normal pace, and doesn't try to jam things into our heads before a big test. I totally agree with the person above me, I don't know who it is, but they are right about the not-leaving-a-student-behind thing.

Like every teacher says, a good student brings all of their stuff to class every day, respects their teacher, participates in class, does all of the homework and classwork, etc.

I expect a lot of writing, because I absolutely love to write. It is an English class so it makes sense. I'd also like ideas and suggestions on how to make my writing better, and I want to read as well, which I know we are doing. I can't really say I expect much; considering you're the teacher, but I like projects and artsy-type things.

Last but not least: I pretty much just ask for assistance, patience, and guidence throughout the year. I tend to get confused on certain things, and I'll ask for help. I also get distracted and bored if we aren't doing anything interesting, so exciting activities are always a good thing. :) That's pretty much it, you seem to be pretty awesome so far, so I think you're good to go :D

nicoles said...

Additionally, I believe that there are several qualities that good students possess. To start, having good time management always contributes to success in the classroom. If a student is able to manage the different classes and activities they have, it usually means that they are organized and efficient thinkers. This can effectively transfer into the classroom. Also, establishing good habits and setting goals can contribute to being a good student.

In this English class, I expect to learn as possibly much as I can. I really like being immersed in different ways of teaching and experimenting with alternative writing and reading styles. I expect that
everyone in this honors class will work hard by themselves, and with each other to make our time even more worth while in the classroom.

As my teacher, I hope that you are able to teach me as much as possible. I am pretty open minded to trying new things if it helps me absorb information in a more effective way.

Thank you for listening ;)

BronsonD said...

I think one of the most important qualities of good teachers is their ability to have fun with their class but still be in control. Another important one is that they aren't monotonous or boring and allow fun and different ways of working and getting their point across. They also need to care about the subject they are teaching and the students they are teaching it to.

Good students should know when they can laugh and have fun and when they need to be more serious about things. They also need to show some interest in the calss and give it a chance before they judge it.

I expect there to be a great deal of writing and reading seeing as how it is an English class. At the same time I feel there shall be a certain comedic asect to the class just from what I have seen of you (Mrs. Moritz) in the past two days. :D

As a teacher you seem to be very comedic and interesting, not a teacher who drones on and relys on worksheets and books to teach us. You also have a personality, which was very apparent in the first 3 minutes of class. I find it bery difficult to pay attention in class when the teacher has the personality of a rock, which you don't. Overall i expect a challenge and quite a bit of work but I feel it won't all be conventional.

bella said...

I definatly agree with mchang because teachers should care how students' futures turn out. They shouldn't be hating their job and then just take it out on their students. If they really love to work with kids and help them become smarter and better rounded then that is an excellent teacher.

A good student always turns in their homework and projects on time. The work is very neat and shows a lot of effort. If a student just slacks off, it is not only wasting the teachers time, but his/her own time. Other classmates may not like it either.

The expectations I have of this class is that this teacher is very understanding and helps kids out when they need it. If the teacher doesn't help the kid out straight away they need to set up a time to have a little meeting. If the teacher just procrastinates then they don't really care about the students future and this also goes along with the qualities of good teachers.

That last paragraph kind of goes with the last two questions. O well! :)

tim2012 said...

The most important qualities that I think a teacher should have are caring about the students he/she is teaching, understanding or at least trying to understand all of the students’ different ideas, dedication to both their work and the school that they teach at, having support of the students they teach, and the most important quality is having a sense of humor. These qualities will help students get a better education, but they will also have a better time getting that education.
Qualities of good students include listening to what the teacher says, being organized ,and being alert in class in order to try and consume as much of the ideas that are being thrown at them as possible.
During this next year in Mrs. Moritz’s class, I expect to have a good time learning about literature and also learning how to become a better writer.
From what I have experienced from Mrs. Moritz, I would say that she is humorous, and is also willing to listen to our thoughts. I think that is good because these are important qualities of being a teacher.

SophiaA said...

In order to be a successful teacher I think they need to possess certain qualities. First, they need to have fun with the students and get to know them. This makes the teacher more approachable. Also, they need to know what kind of learner every student is so students can get the best benefit out of their teachings.

There are numerous qualities that make up a good student. A student must be hard-working and willing to do their best at all times. This shows dedication and they will excel at their work. Also, a student must pay attention to everything the teacher says in case they miss a small detail that is actually very important.

I expect to read and write a lot in this class. I also expect a lot of projects and activities.

As a teahcer, I expect you to be patient, fun, helpful, and approachable but I also expect you to challenge us and to encourage us to try our best.

HaileyJ said...

Good teachers (in my opinion) need to have important qualites. they should be encouraging no matter if the answer you give is right or wrong. they need to incorperate fun and interesting methods of teaching that is their own instead of boring ideals. They need to care about each and every pupil, and teach them all they know, as if they were their own making sure that they all succced. Humor and laughter in the classroom relieves stress and pressure and teachers that posses that are better off keeping the attention of students.

Qualities for good students are also encouraging their fellow peers and being kind at all times. Helping others is a big deal and being able to be there for each other is important. Doing work on time and caring about what you are doing is also important.

In this class i excpect the bar to be raised on all assignments and that we should be treated like adults even if that means laying down the law.

From you Mrs. Moritz, i expect that you care about us and that yuo try to challenge our mids everyday. your humor makes this my favorite class ( no joke)

~~ Peace ~~

EvanS said...
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Jordanp said...

I think that a good teacher tries to make class more intresting so that what they learn is easy to remember because it was actually intresting and that they will be able to make class funny sometimes.
Good students are responsible, complete work on time, and try to find answers to questions they have. They complete things on time and are prepared for and on time for class
Anyway I hope that since your the teacher you teach a lot of useful stuff that we will actually need in life. I'm guessing we'll have lots of homework and do lots projects also.

Brian A said...

i believe one of the most important qualities in a teacher is a sense of humor. also when they have an open mind.

i believe a good student is a student who is responsible, on time for class and their assignments and actually cares how well they do.

i expect the class to be a class where students arent afraid to ask questions and to have a good learning environment that isnt totally boring.

i expect you to be a great teacher because i know you have a sense of humor and i can tell you can incorporate that into your teaching so we learn without being bored.

JackW said...

I generally determine if a teacher is "good" depending on if their style of teaching agrees with the way that i learn best. They must take it upon themselves to connect with each student individually and do what is best for that student's future.

A good student, to me, is one who always comes to class prepared, ready and eager to learn. They have to take pride in their work and do all they can to go above and beyond the expectations of the assignment.

In this class i hope to have alot of fun while still completing the work necessary to excel. I also hope to maybe have a whole unit devoted to poetry because that is one of my favorite topics within English class.

My expectations of you, as my teacher, are to make the class interesting and fun while simultaneously pushing us toward our overall goal of graduation from high school and continuing on to higher education.

christinah said...

i think a good teacher has to be able to work well with students. the students should know that the teacher will be easy to go and talk to.
a good student shouild always be a good listener and ask questions.
i expect to have a broader knowledge of english literature and more vocab.
i hope that we can work well together and that i can learn alot from you.

EvanS said...

Qualities of a good teacher to me include being able to not just teach the students but connect with us and bring some fun into the teaching as well. Also understanding everyone's opinion about a certain subject.
Qualities of a good student include listening not only to the teacher but also to their fellow peers, being responsible for their class work and to study on their own time.
My expectations for this class are for all the students to give it their best effort and that we will have a fun time while we are learning new things.
my expectations for you as a teacher include explaining things clearly when learning a new subject within english and also to encourage the students to bring it up to the next level.

benjaminm said...

A good teacher should be passionet about what they are teaching. They should enjoy the subject and want to share their knowledge with others. A good student should show respect to their teachers and want to learn more about the subject being taught. I expect that this class should be willing to learn and ready to do so. As our teacher I hope that you will be engaging and creative in class. I also think offering lots of support to students is important. thanks

Stranger Than You said...
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Stranger Than You said...
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Elaine K. said...

Qualities of good teachers all depend on who the teacher is and what subject they are teaching. For English, good teachers are excited to teach students to learn, but also ask questions to see if they understand. When you ask a student to answer a question, don't leave a lot of pressure on them even when they don't know what the answer is. Students should respect everyone around them during the class and do what they are told. Those qualitites will help them in the near future to be respectful to not only others, but to themselves. Responsiblitly is also a key element in order to have the best qualities. My expectations of this class is that we have fun while learning. However, we also need to be serious about the subject you are willing to teach us. As the teacher of the Honors class, my expectations are that we have a great time this year with fun and games, but also that we are serious about the knowledge that you wake up every morning to willingly share with your students.

bob said...

The quality I most value in teachers is the earnest desire to not only educate, but support. Often times, this support manifests itself in the form of telling the student what he needs to hear. Other times, it's in recognizing when the student has learned what he has needed to learn and to enrich his learning, not pile on the busy work. It is far too common in schools today that the teacher gives her student not the twenty problems he requires to "get" it, but rather forty problems, twenty of which not only highly unnecessary, but burn him out. The best teachers I have ever had were those who respected when and how I learned something, were completely honest with me, and were there for me, academically, socially-when I needed them.
A good student in my eyes is an inspired learner. With academics being so competitive in this world, it is too often forgotten that school is to learn. Learn not only the book knowledge and such, but all those other things that sound so cheesy in assemblies but are still proven true in human experience. A good student should be hungry to learn, not just determined for that A, that scholarship, that college.
In this class I expect my work to be critiqued in an honest and meaningful manner. I expect to learn more in this class than I ever had in any class I have ever had. Otherwise, my education isn't truly progressing. I expect this class to become a forum for me to learn from my fellow students and of course, you, Mrs. Moritz.
As a teacher, I expect that you will respect my abilities, accept my knowledge, and be honest with me. A learning environment is not and cannot be a clandestine one hidden in a reclusive corner nor one without some critical light shined upon it. I expect you to encourage the atmosphere to be one of learning through interaction and inquiry.

mollyo said...

In my opinion, a good teacher is one that is open to new ideas and listens, not just hears what students have to say. A good teacher will try to relate to and understand their students. Some teachers i have had in the past i have been scared to approach and talk to about something i need help with in the class. I admire a teacher who wants their students to some in and talk with them and will happily make time to get together.

A good student will give 120% in everything they do. They will be to class on time and ready to go when the bell rings. A good student will participate in class discussions and make the effort to approach a teacher if they are not understand something in the class.

Out of this class i expect to be reading and analizing many books. Not just reading to read but reading to learn. I dont expect to be doing too many essays, but more breaking things down so we really understand it.

As my teacher i expect you make us work up to our full potential. Also to be fun and approachable. I have a feeling the english is going to be my favorite class this year!

haleyp said...

I think that teachers have many important qualities. A few of them are intrest in the students and their personal academic progress or work. Also being able to relate to the students and make learning fun for them. Last I find that an important quality of a teacher is a nice teacher. Mean ones are no fun at alll ;)

I think good qualities in terms of a student is one, who first of all, applies themself to the subject and doing well in their work. Organization and being punctual also fall under that subject. The last quality I think is good to have as a student is you try to have fun no matter what is going on in class.

I expect this class to be one that has fun, but also gets work done well. Along with gets along well with each other. I think this class should respect each other and their personal prefrences.

As our teacher I would expect you to help us grow in our knowledge of Literature, but also make our learning experience that of one that is fun and attenion grabbing.

kylees said...

I agree with Jack W on what makes a good teacher. They have to cater to all of their students learning styles. They can do that by always using different teaching techniques. That way they are not always using a visual method when half of the class are auditory learners.

I also agree with Melissa C that good students have to care. If they have no desire to learn or get good grades, then they probably won't.

I expect this class to be fairly challenging. I also expect to learn not only from my teacher, but also from my classmates. I think we have a class of very intelligent students with very good ideas.

I expect Mrs. Moritz to teach us as much as she possibly can, but try to keep it fun. I also expect her to keep us very clear on instructions for assignments and due dates.

paigel said...

In my opinion qualities that good teachers posses are an intrest in forming a relationship and understading of each student, a sense of humor, and a positive attitude towards their job.

Qualities that seem common among good students are an enthusiasm to learn and come to class each day as well as a good work ethic outside of the classroom. In addition I think a good student always tries to set and achieve goals for themselves.

Some expectations I have for this class are thorough discussions where all the students feel included. Also, I would like to expand my knowledge in certain areas of English that I haven't had much exposure to.

As my teacher I expect you to challenge us and keep the class interested and excited about English!

So far I have a great first impression of you and the class and hope to have a great experience in Enlglish 9 Honors!

kelseyw said...

I think that good teachers have many important qualities. They have to be open to the new ideas and ways of thinking that their students bring to the class. They also should be in the classroom not only to teach, but to learn as well. And a good teacher will work with their students to help them succeed. A good student should also be open to new things, and should work to the best of their abilities. They should stand up for their opinions as well as accept others. Also, a good student should ask questions.

The expectations that i have for this class are probably pretty generic. I want to have enough structure to actually know what the heck I am suppoesed to do, but also to have enough freedom to be creative and individual in my writing and other work. And i expect all assignments to be fair and manageable, not necessarily easy, but reasonable in time and quantity. (I really don't like it when teachers give you two days at the end of the week to turn in a full report or something, and then busy work on top of that...thats not fair.)
As the teacher, what i expect of you is to help us to learn and be creative. I hope that you will encourage us to fulfill our potential and if we are struggling, you won't leave in the dust.

It sounds like this will be a fun year, i really hope it is!

Thomasm said...

To me a good teacher brings enjoyment into the environment and helps understand where different students are coming from. The teacher makes the class enjoyable therefore making it better. A good teacher for me is able to understand that students forget things and aren't perfect. I feel that teachers who assign unnecessary assignments are simply just doing their jobs and not taking joy in helping students. They don't care about the students but only care about the next paycheck and keeping their job. Teachers that i define as "good" simply have a teaching style that i appreciate and agree with as well as give the environment a enjoyable feel.

Qualities of good students, in my opinion are quite alike to the good teacher but includes a few others. Such as being responsible and respectful to the teacher, others and yourself. They would also be excited to learn and for their future. The good student would go above and beyond average to maintain their highest level of mentality.

I expect students in this class to be good students and have the qualities mentioned previously. This is an honors class so students have earned a slight amount of respect thus far and should build and protect that image. Hopefully everyone in the classroom will.

As an honors teacher and as my teacher i hope that you will help me and other students to maintain and establish the skills needed to be successful. Also that you would in one way be a friend to students and make class enjoyable.

These are some simple thoughts...


Anonymous said...

I believe that there are a select few qualities that isolate certain teachers onto a much more effective way of teaching. For example I believe that all students should begin with the teachers utmost respect until the student proves otherwise. In my middle school experience I found that the majority of teachers who were unanimously loved by the student body, respected their students and in return the students respected their teachers. Another important quality in teachers that allows students to excel in the classroom is to present the information in a variety of ways. For example if every piece of the curriculum is taught orally then all of the visual learners will have trouble with the class and eventually give up. I believe that the curriculum should be taught both orally and visually in order to benefit all varieties of learners. Lastly, and most importantly I believe that teachers shouldn't spoon feed the answers to the class so they can regurgitate them back onto a quiz. I think that teachers should make the students obtain the answers by asking questions and thinking on higher levels. This would mean that the students would remember the material taught to them better because the "why" to the answer would be clear not just the correct answer.

In my opinion there are three qualities that separate certain students from everyone else. First, participating in class and always asking why is a very important quality. These students will be asking deep, complex questions that start discussions and have more than one response, not simple questions that have one undebatable answer. Secondly, quality students will always do their best and rise above the expectations. They will not do the minimum to get by because their desire to learn in their own and not their parent(s). Lastly a quality a good student must have is to participate in group work and discussions. Some extremely intellectual minds are wasted because of the all to common prejudice that by raising your hand and participating in the class makes you a "nerd". Good students will not let this affect them or their participation in class.

My expectations of this class is that I will be challenged, filled with the desire to learn, have fun, and learn not just the required knowledge but learn from my classmates as well. I think I speak for many people when I say in middle school I was frustrated by the lack of commitment some people showed in classes that were labeled "accelerated". I hope that honors courses here at AHS will be different due to the fact students have to take the initiative and show up for a test to get into these classes. So I expect that I will be challenged by both the teacher and my classmates to think deeper and go beyond I have ever had to before.

As I said above my expectations for my teacher is to challenge me but also make learning exciting. I enjoy when teachers make class exciting by opening it up for class discussion and teaching in creative ways. I also expect the you, Mrs. Moritz, to prepare me not only for next year and CSAP testing but also for future education and life. Lastly, my final expectation for my teacher is that s/he will focus on the information that is important for English as a whole, not frivolous material that will never be used past this semester.

CourtneyA said...

All good teachers have certain qualities. They respect what everyone has to say in the class and teachers should have an open mind. It is also good, when a teacher takes an interest in the student. It’s nice when the teacher finds out about you outside of class. A good teacher also adjusts somewhat to your personal learning style and that of the class’s.

Good students should have many different qualities. Each student needs to be unique, but students should have a few common qualities to be a good student. The students should be on time and prepared for class. Students also need to do their homework when it’s assigned. Another important quality is when students take responsibility for their actions. If they make a mistake, and own up to it, they gain the respect of others.

I expect this class will help me improve my writing skills, as well as my perspective of different genres of novels.

I expect you to help us through the school and to challenge us. I also would like classes to be fun and something to look forward to, at least part of the time. So far the classes are off to a great start!

jonathank said...

Ok so username "Bob" is actually Jon Karr. I don't know why it's Bob but it is.

alexj said...

I think that a good teacher will have qualities such as patience,empathy(to some degree),humor,and a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm about the subject they teach.
A good student will be responsible, prepared, honest, participate in class, and be respectful.
In this class I expect to be taught ways to improve my essays and papers and obviously increase my knowledge of the English language and its many rules.
I would hope that you will continue to make class enjoyable and ease the pressure of a high school honors class. I understand that class can't just be fun though and I also expect that you help us cover all of the material in the curriculum and give help to those who need it.

anishp said...

I would probably say that good teachers have characterisitics that stand out. They are easily approachable in the sense that you can talk with them anytime. They are balanced with their teaching styles so that they make learning beneficial for their students and enjoyable for their students.

Good students would have qualities such as humor, responsibility, and ecstacy(not the drug)! They would come each day to class being fully prepared. Good students would especially help their classmates succeed by supporting and helping them through school years.

I expect this class to be lots of fun and full of learning. Mrs. Moritz, I like your Dave Barry humor and I know you'll make it a great year for us!

emmaw said...

I dont believe its only one quality, or a selection of qualities that make for a great teacher. But rather how each individual student connects to the teacher, and if they are compatible with how the teacher teaches them. Certain qualites are easier to get allong with than others, such as having a sense of humor, understanding, and varing teaching methods.

Good students in m mind mean they are willing to learn or give what they are being taught a chance. Also the usual qualiteis of a good person help, such as being considerate, respectfull, and in general an enjoyable person to be around.

I expect this class to be quite a bit of fun, and still be a great learning enviroment since its a honors class. Also to have this be different than any other english/language arts class ive had before.

My expectations for you as my teacher, are to teach us at the honors level that we are at. And to make the fun as well as beneficial to all of the class.

emeraldo said...

I agree with what alot of people said, for one that the teacher needs to create an enjoyable environment because i think alot of people learn better when its something they like doing. I also think that a quality of a good teacher is caring about the students and whether or not they are doing well. The teacher should try to help students, not just give them work and say 'well I did my part, I can't help it if the student is failing'.

I believe that good students need to try their best at everything, and when they don't understand something, they need to ask questions and learn- that is the reason we go to school. They also need to be responsible enough to focus on the important things, and not waste their education by not doing work, or doing much less than what they are capable of.

I expect this class to have alot of reading and writing, and to work on improving our writing skills. I would like his class to be alot of reading, and discussions over the reading, and then projects based on the reading and discussion, but of course thats not up to me.

As my teacher, I would like to see you try to focus in on some places where we tend to struggle, and try to help us to do well in this class and in our writing. I also would like to see some creative projects and activities and topics to write about. So far though it is looking like this should be a pretty fun and interesting class! :)

morganh said...
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morganh said...

What are qualities of good teachers?
Qualities of good teachers are they are patient with students that dont understand the material that well. They also give attention to the whole class and not just one or two people. They are also very passionate about what they do and are willing to learn as much from the students as the students do from the teacher. And keep it so the students are learning, but still in a fun way.

What are qualities of good students?
Always ready to learn, are good at learning, like reading, are intilectually inclined, and aren't afraid to discuss and debate in class.

What expectations do you have of this class?
Just to be a class where I can learn alot and my fellow classmates can learn alot too, but to have fun doing it.

What expectations do you have of me as your teacher?
To be good at getting your point across, to be a person that I can talk to if my grade isnt exactly where I want it, and to just be fun and charming :)

connors said...

I believe a good teacher is someone who can adjust their teachings with the times and stay current.Also a good teacher can teach all types of kids and be able to help them in their own specific way.

The qualities of goods students are someone who has a good work ethic,and can manage their time very well.They can balance social time with homework and sports.

From this class i expect to have many writing assighnments, and read more books than I did this whole summer. I dont know what else to expect because every class is different.

As a teacher I expect you to help every student and to have an open mind about suggestions we make in class. But you seem open minded so were good.

ruthp said...

I believe that a good teacher will understand the student and where they are coming from. The teacher won't embarass the student and will make sure they understand the material. They will be focused on their work and love what they do.

Good students listen during class, respect the teacher, are open to other ideas, and want to be in that class. They should come prepared, be ready to work, and be organized.

I expect to continue to perfect my writing style and learn new ways of interpreting liturature. I want to enjoy this class and like what we are learning.

I expect you as a teacher to present the material clearly so that I will understand it and make it fun to learn.

shannenr said...
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shannenr said...

the gualities of good teachers are simply, humor and a understanding of where their students are coming from... with a understanding there is respect, and that is vidal to education. the respect makes it possible for the student to teach the teacher and it easier for the teacher to teach the student. the quality of humor creates a fun and enjoyable enviorment to learn in.

gualities good students poses are respect and a willingness to learn and give the required effort to learn properly. if the student doen't care, whats the point of teaching them? no techer wants to spend nine months of their life just for a student who does not even bother to listen or pay attentioin...

i expect to enjoy myself and of course learn... i hope to enjoy at least one of the books we will be reading. i also hope to make a new friend and possibly not drown in hmwk as my sisters have so gracisly prepared me for...

i just hope you are the best you can be, as i hope to be... i know you can be fun cause my upperclass friends told me you were. i really just want a smooth run through honors...

shannen r

Anonymous said...


Jacob WR said...

One cannot simply say what a good teacher is, because the classification, along with that of a good student, is objective. But to me, a good teacher is one who enjoys their work, and constantly finds new ways to teach their students material that otherwise wouldn't be considered interesting, and to show them how to attain knowledge without the help of a teacher.

A good student, to me, is one willing to learn, whether or not they want to be at school. The same student will ask questions about the material being taught that have not been raised by the rest of the class in order to further their own knowledge of the subject and that of the other students.

Of this class, my only expectations are to be exposed to new material, and perhaps to refine my writing techniques, such as how i construct essays and the style of my writing.

Of you as my teacher, I have no expectations- i take from every teacher what I can, and learn all i can from them. I don't have expectations as to what they should teach me, for they are far more familiar with the material they will present to me than I am.

Blakes said...

I think a good teacher is one that makes their class a welcoming and productive one for everybody. This teacher would not only keep everybody involved and learning most of the time, but would do it in a light-hearted way.

A good student needs to be passinoate about learning. They need to come to class, not just because it is for school, but to actually be there to learn and find new things out.

I expect this class to be one that will teach more advanced reading and writing. I expect teaching on how to comprehend and discuss harder books. Also, i expect to learn more advanced writing and different ways to accomplish that.

As my teacher i expect you to teach (duh). But not as much teach as pass down what you've learned from your teachers and past students and their questions, while still helping us reach our full potential.

Michael's blog said...

I think qualities of a good teacher are when they can teach the topic but be intertaing at the same time. Good students are those the participate and at least try to do their best. My class expectations are that kids are willing to ask questions and figure things out on their own sometimes, too. My teacher expectations are that they'll be willing to help in private or during class.

Thomas L. said...

I think qualities of a good teacher are caring, smart, and open-minded. If they have these qualities the students will learn and enjoy learning. Good qualities of students are respectful, open-minded, and being ready to learn. If a student possesses these qualities they will learn a lot more than if they did not have these qualities. I hope to read and understand the books we read and also learn to annotate a book. I hope that as a teacher you answer any questions we may have about books we're reading and anything else we learn this semester.

Paulh said...

I think that a good teacher should have a real passion for what they are teaching. Also a good teacher will make an effort to get to know their students better, and not just their names.
A good student will pay attention in class and not only respect the teacher but also the opinions of his fellow students.
In this class I expect to learn how to write better as well also to be able to truly understand and connect to what a book is saying, not just reading it.
I expect you help us delve deeper into what we are learning not just skimming over the basics.

KyleC said...

The qualities of a good teacher are being able to keep the students attention. It is also important to be able to explain the material so that the student understands what the teacher is saying. These are a few of the qualities a good teacher needs.
The qualities of a good student are paying attention, being able to turn everything in on time and being able to understand.
I’m expecting a class that is challenging but fun at the same time. This is my favorite kind of class.
I’m expecting you Mrs. Moritz to make the class fun and exciting. Also to try your best.

HunterK said...

Good qualities that a teacher needs to possess are good humor, and good teaching skills. Also a good teacher thinks of different ways to teach a lesson that aren't necessarily conventional, yet very effective.

Good qualities that a student most possess to be successful are responsibility, good work ethic, and a desire to learn. Also, a good student doesn't procrastinate.

I expect this class to be challenging but fun. I also expect to do more work than I am used to, but in return learn more.

As my teacher I expect you to have fun with us, teach us well, and make this class interesting.

katief said...

In my opinion, there are several things that make up a good teacher. To begin, a teacher should be a friend to their students. I also apreciate the teachers that take the time to make sure everyone in their class is on the same page. Lastly, a teacher should be willing to expand their ideas and lessons to match the class. These are only a few of my ideas on good teachers.

Ally C said...

Good teachers...

Make class interesting even when they have to teach about the most boring thing. They make sure that everyone understands the material. They are efficient and easy to talk to. They have confidence in what they are teaching.

Good students...

Pay attention, ask questions when they need clarification, take detailed notes, and try their hardest both in the classroom and at home.

In this class...

I want to be pushed more than a normal English class would push me. I want to be taught concepts, not just material. I want class to not only consist of reading and writing but meaningful discussion of the literature we are reading. I want to be excited when I am sitting in second period and I realize I have English next.

As my teacher...

I want you to help me when I come to you and be open and understanding of all the times I mess up, (trust me, there will be plenty of times…) Give me a reason to be excited about what we are learning.

JillianG said...

In a good teacher, I hope for a sense of humor, a fairly regular good mood, organization, a willingness to bend the curriculum, gives homework only when REALLY necessary, and mercy. I really like mercy.
A good student puts forth effort, fights censors, and bends the curriculum.
I really hope that the class will do more than drill me for testing, because I want to leave my education with something more meaninggful than what they put on CSAP and the SATS.
And again, I really appreciante mercy.