Monday, April 27, 2009

Lit Circle #2 p. 4

Book leaders:
In the comments section below this blog, write your book title and a summary of your discussion.


Jacob WR said...

Reason, Catch That Rabbit-

Reason: Setting up the basic plot, introducing key concepts pertaining to robotics and robotic dilemmas. Interpretation of the laws is especially important in this chapter, along with the following chapters- dilemmas concerning the laws are very prevalent throughout the rest of the book. Also shows that robots can interpret incorrectly what they should do in order to obey the Three Laws of Robotics.

Catch that Rabbit: Basically a setup for the rest of the story- proving again that things can confuse robots and cause mental dilemmas for them, which are the main focus of the study of Susan Calvin, the main character of the story.

To be completely honest, we didn't have much to work with concerning these two chapters, so this is all we have concerning just this session's assigned readings.

ThomasL said...

Basic Plot:
1.)Every person's fate is decided for them
2.)Equality 72521 always thought he was committing a crime against humanity because he thought differently than everyone else.

Settings of Story:
1.)A cold non-advanced futuristic town
2.)Dark/Forbidden Forrest
3.)House that is left from the "unmentionable times."

1.)Liberty 53000-The Golden One-Gaea
2.)Equality 72521-The Unconquered- Prometheus
As each character changes names they become more independent and have more freedom.

We also discussed the unchanging futuristic society of Anthem and how it was almost afraid to change.

ellyf said...

What Little Brother 2 discussed:
We talked about the setting and what has happened so far throughout the story. We talked about when Marcus was released from the place where he was being held captive. I asked questions to the group on what they thought happened to Darryl and if he is on the truck. I also addressed the possibility of Marcus's dad taking sides with the Department of Homeland Security and supporting it. I wondered if the dad might have some secret link to it. Also the people that brought Marcus back to his house after questioning him I asked if they thought that they were linked to the Homeland Security or if they just did what they were told.

Setting:Futureistic and this time and age but more technologic.

Characters:Marcus-main character who is a "geek" but also ditches school and is arrested and suspected to be a terrorist.
Vanessa-main character and helps Marcus and Jolu with the code cracking and finding Darryl.
Darryl-the plot kind of based around him
Jolu-main who helps with codes

EvanS said...

1984 Group 2 Shannen, Connor, Sophia, Evan

1. Setting- The setting of what we discussed in Lit circle #2 was the bad part of town, or the ghetto, where he spends a few days and meets an old man who is of much importance in the story so far.

2. Characters- There are 5 characters in the second half of part 1. Four of these characters are newly introduced.

a)Winston- Winston is beginning to come up with ideas to challenge the system more and more and rebels each day by writing in his diary or even thinking against Big Brother which he does often.

b) The old man- Winston meets the old man in the bad part of town where he spends some of his time, and the old man knows a lot of history that was nonexistent to Winston but Winston likes this old man because he can tell Winston what has actually happened throughout history. Our group has a feeling he will play a much bigger role in the upcoming chapters.

c)Jones, Aaronson, and Rutherford- These three men were people introduced in the story that led the revolution with Big Brother but once Big Brother took control, these men were forced to make false confessions so that Big Brother can execute them. This story gave knowledge to Winston about how the revolution happened.

3)Plot- Part one is mostly backround information except for Winston beginning to get ideas to challenge the system more. Also, Winston learns history that he never knew before and very few people are supposed to know.

Alex K said...

1984- Group 1
During this meeting, we discussed up to page 157, but I was the only one who had read so I filled the group in on what had happened.
• We talked about Winston’s time on the streets of the poorer quarters. Also about the rocket bombs hitting while he was wandering.
• We analyzed the country side and how it was a sort of get away or place of possible freedom without the hassles of the thought police and the telescreens or the control of the party.
• We discussed the upstairs room of the shop where Winston can meet with Julia with less worries and fears, yet still in the city.
Characters: Winston, Julia, Syme, O’Brian, the Paroles, and the Shop keep
• We talked about how the views of Winston have progressed steadily against the party and have been slightly affected by Julia.
• Julia made her appearance in a strange way for fear of being caught. When she and Winston meet it is alone or disguised. We talked about why Julia was so afraid of being seen, and why she had relations with only party members. We also looked at her strategy and outlook on how to lead a life.
• Syme and O’Brian were minor but we do think that will be back into the novel soon and take up a larger role.
• Finally the paroles came up. All we did regarding them was clarify some questions and talk about the statement “all hope lies in the paroles”
• In the plot we are beginning to see Winston’s progression to rising up against Big Brother and other ways to do so. We also evaluated the relationship with Julia and how she is not all that she appears to be as in how she is not really anti-sex.