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Hi everyone. Do me a favor... read your peers blogs so that I don't have to read a bunch of redundant information. React to what your classmates say. Try to interact with each other through this blog. Here we go...

1. Describe the role of firemen today; how are they generally received by the public?

2. How did 9/11 affect our perceptions of firemen?

3. How are firemen perceived by the public in Fahrenheit 451? (page 7) Why do you think this is?


ruthp said...

1. The role of firemen today is to put out fires that are happening in the community. The public sees them as heroes and good people.

2. 9/11 made my perception of firemen more real and I viewed them as even more heroic, because in some cases they sacrifice their lives for us and many did during 9/11.

3. The public in Fahrenheit 451 sees firemen as law enforcers and not necessarily good, heroic people, because they are burning people's homes and their possessions.

Elaine's Blog said...

1) I agree with Ruth about the role of firemen in today's society and how they put out fires instead of starting fires like in Fahrenheit 451. The general public views them as heros, but also people serving the community to help ensure safety.

2) Our perception has changed due to the terroist attack of 9/11 because many risked their lives to protect and save the lives who were not only trapped in the twin towers, but also in other places in the world. I agree with Ruth in the perspective of myself, that firemen are herioc in willing to sacrifice their lives to help keep the public safe.

3) The general public in Fahrenheit 451 are perceived as dangerous firemen who enfore the law strictly to ensure the "safety of the people." The reason for such a scare in the general public is because, as Ruth said, if you broke the law saying that you weren't and couldn't read books, your house was burned and you were taken to the insane asylum to be treated. But if you broke other laws, like being a pedestrian, you were jailed for two days. Therefore, people did have a reason to be scared of firefighters, who started fires instead of stop them.

Michael's blog said...

1. The role of fireman is to protect the community, but not necessarily from fires. Fireman also help in community service and medics in certain situations. Fireman are designed for putting out fires but are capable of other tasks. They tend to be perceived as loyal community members who will do anything to help.

2. 9/11 unfortunately didn't effect my opinion on fireman because our schools and government are so focused on the bad of this event that I haven't heard about the people that have been helping.

3. In Fahrenheit 451 firemen are perceived as law enforcers that enforce the law in dangerous and intimidating ways to prevent it from being broken frequently.

MelissaC said...
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Kc P said...

1. Fire men are seen as heros and everyone loves having those people in society that are going to take care of them and act in the public's interest. Their role is mainly to put out fires, which are seen as bad, frightening, consuming thing that the firemen save us from, which is why they are so popular. The fireman save lives and protect us in times like 9/11, so we respect them as heroic figures. The firehouse is seen as a safe haven, because of the brave kind people we know are inside.
3. In F451 the firemen frighten the public because they have a reputation sort of like a police officer now. They represent order, justice, and leadership, but they also stand for punishment for wrong doing. The firemen are venerable, formidable figures but they are highly respected by society.

kelseyw said...

1) (I don't know about firemen) today, firefighters are there to serve and protect the community. my dad is a firefighter and they actually don't go on many calls that are fires. They go on fire alarms and help the elderly and ill most often. The go on tons of medical calls and traffic accidents. They also go on wildfires and structure fires. The community views them as heroes and people usually are happier to see a firefighter than a police officer. (Firemen are the guys that shovel coal in trains. And firemen is inclining that they are, in fact, MEN. There are female firefighters.)

2) I think that 9/11 put in perspective how much firefighters do for the community and how they will risk their life to say another's life any day at any time. If 9/11 happened again, they would be right in there dying to save someone they don't even know.

3) In the book, firefighters are feared, they are perceived as evil, almost. It is the opposite of how they are seen today. They destroy things instead of saving them...

What’s the similarity between a firefighter and a police officer? They both want to be firefighters.

MelissaC said...

1) I agree with Ruth: the role of firemen today is to put out fires that are set off in their local area. The public generally admires them and views them as heroes for saving other people's lives and the community.

2) Again, I agree with Ruth. 9/11 really proved how courageous firefighters are and showed what they were willing to do in order to save people's lives, which could even lead to sacrificing themselves.

3) In Fahrenheit 451, the public sees firemen less heroic than scary, intimidating, and just men doing their job. The idea of starting a fire and burning the contents of a home doesn't really appeal to the public rather than putting one out. That idea probably contributes to why the people in Fahrenheit 451 are afraid of the firemen.

Thomasm said...

1. A Fireman's role today is to protect the community from dangers of fire.
2. I agree with Ruth on this subject because after 9/11 firemen have been praised for their brave actions and are much more honored.
3. In Fahrenheit 451 the firemen are seen as a police force in terms that they ensure "the safety of the people." They were not seen as heroes but more as a rule enforcer that doesnt take them to court. As ruth said they burn books and the houses they are found in. This is overall an evil thing as they burn peoples lifes away yet enjoy it.

jordanp said...

1. I also agree with Ruth a lot of little children want to be firefighters because they get to be heroes. Also like Kelsey said firemen do a lot more than just pur out a fires and generally they just try and help the community.
2. Like a lot of people have already said I agree with Ruth on this one that 9/11 made them even more heroic because so many of them died or were injured and there was a lot of information about that so they became even more well known as heroes.
3. I agree with Kelsey this time if you broke the law they were the people that burned everything you owned and everything you worked for (Are the people in the house when they burn it? because if so they also kill you) all to keep order. Even people who don't have books would probably fear them because that's what they have the power to do.

katief said...

1. Today, firemen have a heroic and well respected profession. The public views them as trustworthy and safe.

2. 9/11 allowed me to realize the impact these men have on society, even today. They were willing to give up their lives so someone could live.

3. The view of firemen has been skewed in Fahrenheit 451. The public views them as destroyers and enforcers, even punishers. It's almost done a complete 180 from where we are today.

CourtneyA said...

Today firemen are almost always received by the public in a bright and heroic sense. A fireman’s role today is to protect the people. They save people from fires. They are trying to preserve life (unlike the firemen of Fahrenheit 451).
9/11 changed everyone’s perspective of firemen, because I think the work of firemen came on really strong that day. 9/11 hit very close to home for a lot of people, so many people’s eyes were opened to how many lives were saved by firemen and how many lives of firemen were lost trying to save others.
In Fahrenheit 451 the public’s perspective is very different than ours is today. Firemen destroy things. They start fires to burn books and the houses which they are in. They are viewed more like law enforcers than protectors.

crastrelli said...

1. i agree with both Ruth, and MIchael. I think they both state very good points about the roles of fireman in the community today.

2. To me personally, 9/11 changes my view of firemen, in a very positve manner. I had always respected firmen, and been in adoration and awe of them, but after 9/11, the extent to which they would go to save people really hit me. They will give their own lives to save those of their victims. I have the utmost respect of them, and also think they are extremely sexy.

3. I agree with Elaine and Ruth about the perception of firemen. They are feared, and I think people probably feel resentment towards them for limiting their freedoms in such a harsh way. The reasoning behind this, is their job. If you go around burning houses, people are going to be scared of you.

crastrelli said...

1. i agree with both Ruth, and MIchael. I think they both state very good points about the roles of fireman in the community today.

2. To me personally, 9/11 changes my view of firemen, in a very positve manner. I had always respected firmen, and been in adoration and awe of them, but after 9/11, the extent to which they would go to save people really hit me. They will give their own lives to save those of their victims. I have the utmost respect of them, and also think they are extremely sexy.

3. I agree with Elaine and Ruth about the perception of firemen. They are feared, and I think people probably feel resentment towards them for limiting their freedoms in such a harsh way. The reasoning behind this, is their job. If you go around burning houses, people are going to be scared of you.

AaronF said...

I agree with every one that the role of a fireman to day is to put out fires. But I mainly agree with Kelsey about how a firemans job is so much more then puting out fires. They help the community.

I agree with Ruth about how after 9/11 the firefighters were viewed as brave people. As people were runing down the stairs the fire fighters were runing up. So now the public views the firefights in a brave light.

I think the poeple in 451 see figher fighters in a bad light. I mean if you saw the government payiny pyromaniacs to burn peoples houes just because there is a banned book is in the house you would not be cheerining them on. Espacially if they burn the houses at night like teenages teeping a house.

shannenr said...

1.Well, as everyone has said, firemen litterally fight fires. they put them out and protect the people. But also, like micheal said, the do much more. they are at the scene if there is any other medical emegency or accident. My fatheris a firemen, and well as everyone rightly should, and hopefully do, and i view them as heros and truly honorable people. some may not know this, but the firemen i know are really just a bunch of great teenagers. they do what they can to pass time, and that generally includes a few good pranks. Firefighters are very hard not to like.

2.when i was young, i was always just a little nervous when my dad would go to the firehouse for work in the morning... I knew he could get into a risky situation, it was bound to happen with him being a fireman. That is why they are such heroic icons, they dont care about the risks, just the rewards of saving as many lives as they can!I was still young, but 9/11 made feel those feelings, gave me that mindset. not did my dad have the coolest job in the world, he also had one of the most dangerous jobs. 9/11 woke people up, they'd been seeing the firefighters through a grimy and tented window. 9/11 confirmed many families of firemens fear, but also shined a light on them they probably want dimed. they've reached far beyond public respect.

3. also like everyone else, the firemen in Fahenheit 451, are to be a large authority. they have come, not to be respected, but fear. they destroy, not salvage. i liked kelsey w's comment "What’s the similarity between a firefighter and a police officer? They both want to be firefighters." it is funny, because in Fahrenheit 451 they sort of took on that role, and the police got to become who they've always wanted to be. the role of firemen swithced completly. they went from stoppind fires to creating them. the only thing not changed about firemen from now vs the fahrenhit 451 setting, is the imminant comrodery and aparent loyalty to eachother as firemen.

Brian A said...

1. i believe that today, firemen light fires and put them out in F451. today, in our time, firemen light fires of passion within people because the people they save and many others are grateful to them. and also their spouses and children are almost agressively proud of the fire fighters in their F451, the firemen put out fires. they extinguish the flame of knowledge from the collective human race. they put out not only the flame of knowledge, but the spark of intellect that causes a person to desire to learn and feed the great pyre of our collective knowledge.

2. 9/11 drastically altered many peoples perceptions of firemen because either they didnt seem seem quite as real before because they had never entered your life and all of a sudden you had a family member that was saved or almost saved or had their body recoveredby a fireman and all of a sudden the gratitude felt brought them into clarty and they felt truly there for the first time instead of being an obscure concept that was heard in passing. and for others, when they heard that firemen had died trying to find people in the wreckage it also shocke them into heightened perception because firemen were unquestionably searching for people who were most likely already dead. this blind courage certainly made me more aware and proud of our ountry's firefighters. farenheit 451 the public is afraid of firemen, but eager to see them too. it tells of how people come out of ther houses to look at what happens and that there are false alarms from people hoping to see something burn. fir hods a kind of sickening attraction that many people cant resist. so as long as they arent coming to teir house or talking to them or looking at them, the peole are happy to see the firemen.

KyleC said...

1. The role of a fireman today is to put out fires and to save people. The public respects firemen.

2. 9/11 showed the public the kind of respect that firemen should get. The firemen during 9/11 risked their lives trying to save people that they didn't even know.

3. The people in Farenheit 451 see firemen as people that are to be feared not necessarily liked. This is because the firemen in Farenheit 451 are people that start fires to burn the houses of people that have books.

HunterK said...

The role of fireman today is to protect civilians from fires. As a result of their brave actions, fireman are percieved as courageous and heroic individuals.

Following the New York Fire Department's brave rescues in the twin towers on 9/11, fireman all around the world are treated with the upmost respect and seen as the most heroic men and women in the world.

In Fahrenheit 451 firemen are no longer respected and are even feared by the common citizen. The reason for the publics harsh treatment is, as Ruth said, their unnecessary burning of books and homes. The fear of these firemen was not uncommon because they started fires instead of stopping them.

jonathank said...

I find brian a's comment about firefighters lighting the fires of inspiration within people more than a little cheesy but still relevant to this discussion. I was never really inspired by firefighters. They were another class of public worker, in my eyes. However, when 9/11 smashed into this country will malevolent destruction, I saw why people continuously called firefighters heroes. It wasn't the intense training they had to go through, or because of the romanticized visual of a triumphant fire truck to the rescue, but because they count their lives less than others. This is the difference between these modern day heroes and 451 barbarians. While once firefighters embodied altruism, now they are a force of destruction.

bella said...

The role of the firemen today is to put out fires that occur in a town. Most people see firemen as heroes who save peoples lives and sometimes homes.

9/11 made me think of firemen more realistically and more heroic because they sacrificed their own lives in order to save the people in the tower that was burning up.

The public in Fahrenheit 451 portrays the firemen as mean brutes that are ordered by law to burn peoples houses with books in them. The public fear them. Everybody except his wife and Clairesse that is.

On the 1st and 2nd topic, I agree with Ruth completly

AHOLMES! said...

1. Today, like Ruth said, firemen are well respected people in society, they put out fires and save people, and are seen as everyday heroes in the public eye.

2. When 9/11 happened, i finally realized what firemen actually do for others, and how they risk their lives everyday to save the lives of others.Before 9/11 i hadn't really stopped to think about that.

3. In Farenheight 451, firemen are feared, and only respected because the people are afraid of them and of angering them. They are momre like vicious law enforcers, their destroying life, not saving it.

JillianG said...

1. What we see firemen as today are protectors. When you call 911 for whatever reason, the firetruck is the first to show up.

2. During 9/11 more firefighters saved people than anyone else. They volunteered to step into a collapsing building to save perfect strangers, and most ended up dying. They are completely noble.

3. Firemen of 451 are like how some people see cops these days: They know they are there for their protection, but still have a frightening image.

connors said...

1. I agree with Thomas that firemen are around to protect us from fires, but today they have so many other responsibilities. Most are EMTs and respond to car crashes, all sorts of emergencies. They are seen as a safety blanket.

2. Like Ruth said, 9/11 effected how most people viewed firemen, they no longer just put out fires, they sacrificed their lives trying to save others, out of rubble, not fire.

3. In Fahrenheit 451, the public are almost afraid of the firemen. Like Elaine said they enforce the law, almost like the firefighters becoming police man. The firemen also were able to inflict one of the harshest punishments on people, burning down all of your possessions.

bryce said...

1. Like most people have said, the role of fireman today is to put out fires and save people from other catastrophies.

2. I agree with elaine that fireman are heroic because they are willing to sacrifice themselves so others can live. They are modern day heroes.

3. Jillian, I disagree with your statement that some people see cops as a frightening image. Some people are afraid of being caught by the cops, but they are still protecting the people, so I wouldn't compare them to Fahrenheit 451 fireman. The fireman in 451 are not protecting people, they are stealing knowledge from them and in some cases, stealing lives.

JackW said...

1. As most people have said before me, modern day firemen are viewed by most people as heroes. They put out fires and help with other things in the community.
2. 9/11 made most peoples view of firemen shift from not just someone who will rush you out of a burning building and put the fire out but that they will sacrifice their lives so that other people can live.
3. Like Connor S. said, in Fahrenheit 451, the firemen are more enforcers of the law and become more like today's policemen in that way.

Alex K said...

1: I agree with ruth, but even more a fireman plays multiple roles like a paremedic or the person who pulls you out of a burning and smashed car. they are viewed as heros and as a figure of safety. we trust them and would put ourlives in their hands without thinking twice.

2:9/11 has indeed changed our views on firemen, before theyy were the local guys who were fun and regarded as regular people. Now, they are seen as even more heroic because without much thought they put their lives on the line for other people. I think that most people don't realize that their job description is to run into burning structures and that most people take this for granted.

3:I can relate to Michale's ideas that firemen are law enforcers and they are most worried about keeping people from doing things rather than helping them.

alexj said...

1. As everyone has said, firemen put out fires, save people, and as Alex K said,they may do various other jobs to protect the people. But besides putting out fires, they also educate citizens, particularly school children, about fires and what to do if you should experience one.

2. September 11th placed all of the firemen of the US in the rank of, I would venture to say, reality's superheroes. They have always been respected but now they are revered like what basically everyone else was saying.

3. As has been stated, firemen in the novel are law enforcers who burn books and start fires. My perception of the people's views toward them are the same fear a troublesome teenager would feel toward a police officer, they respect them but are terrified at the same time.

Mariah said...

Like pretty much everyone else, I see the role of firemen today as protecting and helping the public.

9/11 affected people's views of firemen by showing how far they will go to help their community, they didn't think but acted, and followed their orders, in someways it's the same in Fahrenheit 451, the firemen do what they are ordered to "help the community", we may not see this as their role but it is fireman's role in the book. but because not everyone agrees with the firemen burning books, they are feared and seen as forceful authority figures.

Paulh said...

A lot of kids, when they are young, dream of becoming something when they grow up. And a large amount of kids want to become those heroic fireman who save people from burning buildings. But as Mariah said fireman have turned into people that should be feared not admired. And the fireman revel in this different kind of respect that they are getting. One born from fear not admiration

Jacob WR said...

1. As been said by many before, firemen are viewed as protectors, who donate their time, and in many cases their lives, to protect the citizenry from fires.

2. 9/11 changed the public's perception of firemen by showing a braver side to firemen than had even been seen before, who were so dedicated to saving people that they charged up into towers which were being hit by airplanes and which they knew could collapse at any moment.

3. The public's view of firemen has changed in farenheit 451, so that they fear the firemen, who now have nothing to protect the people from, and who now inhibit their access to knowledge by burning any and all books in their sight.

Blakes said...

1) Well, firemen is a very different term than fire fighters. Fire fighters are the ones who go in and put out the actual fires. Firemen could mean the paramedics or the people behind the scenes that are still involved with the fire-station. They are generaly recieved as good.
2)To me, September 11th didnt really change anything. The firemen did what they could to save people. It doesnt matter if they saved every last person as long as they werethere and working.
3)The fire men in Faernheight 451 seem to be looked upon as people of power. Anybody that holds the power to not only burn books, but entire libraries is going to get their way. Not many people are going to stand up to a guy with a loaded kerosene pump.

kylees said...

1. I agree with what a lot of people said about firefighters roles today. They are to protect and save people from the dangers of fire, as well as to help in endless other emergency situations. Firemen are usually perceived as big, strong, particularly attractive heroes.

2. 9/11 gave firemen the respect and recognition that they have obviously earned. It made people have more appreciation for them than just someone to change the stop light when they drive by. It made people realize how out of luck we would be without them.

3. The firemen are perceived as the bad guys in the book. Really they are just doing their job, but the nature of their occupation is just rather frightening.

emmal said...

1) I agree with Kelsey. Not only do firemen put out fires, they help the community in many other ways like saving people and animals in danger (ex. cats that are stuck in trees).
2) I agree with Ruth on the opinion that 9/11 helped portray firemen as heroic and brave people. They were willing to put their lives on the line to save another life.
3)I agree with Melissa that in Fahrenheit 451 firemen are looked at with fear and are intimidated by them. But Clarisse isn't.

nicoles said...

1.) I believe that the role of firemen today possesses many qualities. A fireman generally is perceived as a civic servant who dedicates himself to protecting and securing the population through prevention of fires. However, I think that it is much more than that. These men not only put out fires, but also are called to situations where great heights need to be reached, where crime is taking place, and where people are in unfortunate situations. The public usually sees them as heroes that are unstoppable when facing danger.

2.) I think that the American perception of the stereotypical “Fireman” was changed after 9/11. This is because, in such a great time of peril and destruction, these men were able to come together and help rebuild not only the society, but also the people. They were viewed as heroes that could help any situation to benefit the people.

3.) I think that firemen in Fahrenheight 451 are perceived by the people as men who do not care for others thoughts in the world, and only about their duty for starting fires. As demonstrated in the following quote by Clarisse: “You’re not like the others. I’ve seen a few; I know. When I talk, you look at me. When I said something about the moon, you looked at the moon, last night. The others would never do that. The others would walk off and leave me talking. Or threaten me. No one has time any more for anyone else.”
I think that is because the futuristic society is based on technology, and letting it outthink human beings.

emmaw said...

1. I agree with what many of my classmates have said about the public views of fire fighters and their status of brave heroes. I thought it was interesting what Kelsey W shared about her personal knowledge of firemen today and how they do much more than just put out fires.

2. 9/11 put firemen into the public view as figures that were helping along the way. It made me realize and notice more what sacrifices and trauma they go through.

3. Firefighters in Fahrenheit 451 adapted the job of enforcing laws and dealing with fires, starting them though instead of putting them out. By the public they seem feared and people you do not want to mess with.

emeraldo said...

Im going to keep it simple here:
1) fireemen put out fires they are supposed to be good people who save lives and do courageous stuff.

2)i think 9/11 just made americans kind of value firemen even more. It kind of cast these people as these like angelic forces... sort of.

3) in Fahrenheit 451 firemen are feared because they start fires instead of fight them. They aren't the lifesaving figures anymore more they destroy things

anishp said...

1) Fireman are perceived today by the public as ones who generally put out fires and save the lives of those who are endangered by these fires; we see fireman as risktakers and appreciate the effort they put into their jobs.

2) What happened on 9/11 altered my thoughts about firemen. I realized that firemen are just like our soldiers in war because they are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to put their country and people first.

3) People in Fahrenheit 451 believe firemen are there to maintain order by putting up a bunch of laws and compelling people to follow these laws. They are not seen as bold, heroic figures like today because in the novel they are shown as ruthless destroyers of knowledge. They burn valuable books and the homes these books are in, not thinking twice about what they have done because they feel they are not guilty of burning banned books because books don't have feelings.

Bronson said...

1) The most basic role of firemen is putting out fires, but they are much more than that, they are heroes. I know everyone has said that but that shows just how true it is. Firemen save people from what may seem like certain death and they risk their lives in the process.
2. The firemen of 9/11 were amazingly courageous and amazingly unselfish. THey risked their lives saving people from the fallen buildings, not knowning if there owuld be another attack or if something else could go wrong. This showed us just how proud we need to be of our firemen, not just regard them as general men.
3.As Claurise said people are afraid of firemen. I agree with Melissa about the fact that firmen no longer appeal to people becasue they go into your home and burn your possesions. Friemen became people who torch your home if you are caught with books instead of saving it.

christinah said...

just like eveyrone said fireman put out fires
now i see firemen as courageous and bold
you see them in a new light because of their courageous deeds
and like ruth said they scrificed their lives for us

i think the people in f451 are afraid of the firemen because they burn all of their belongings

SophiaA said...

Firemen today are generally received by the public as heroic and courageous. They help those in need and are life saviors. 9/11 affects our perception of firemen because it makes us think that they are even more heroic because they saved hundreds of lives. Firemen in farenheit 415 are usually intimidating and most people are afraid of them

tim2012 said...

1) Fireman’s roles today are to save people and are looked to as heroes. People are not afraid to ask them to do favors and things like that.
2) After 9/11, we saw firemen as people to look up to and people who are wiling to put it all on the line for other’s sake.
3) In Fahrenheit 451, firemen are kind of like secret police. They carry out the governments desires and many people fear them, as opposed to looking up to them.

PaulF said...

1. I agree with Connors when he said that firemen are like a security blanket. We can always count on them to help us in our time of need. These days they don't just put out fires but help citizens whenever they are needed.

2. I agree with Ruth because after 9/11 I started to view firemen as heros, not just people in uniforms. I think that it is amazing that they risk their lives everyday just to help us survive.

3. In Fahrenheit 451 firemen are viewed like they are almost mythical. It seems that they are surrounded by rumors regarding them and that the general population is fearful of them. This is very, very unlike most people perception of firefighters today in our world.

Ally C said...

1. I agree with a lot of my peers in the belief that not only are firemen seen as people who put out fires, but also as people to look up to in your community. They are held to higher behavioral standards so we see them as good, trustworthy men and women.

2. For me personally, and I know this is ignorant, but prior to 9/11, when I thought of a fireman, I thought of someone in a shiny red hat, riding around to put out small kitchen fires in their shiny red fire trucks. Then, with all of the images of firefighters in the media and all of the stories about them in the 9/11 memorial museum, my view of firemen really changed. I saw them for the heroes they really are in our society today and all of the bravery they are demanded to show on a day to day basis.

3. The people in Fahrenheit 451 are all afraid of firemen, and why wouldn’t they be? If there were mysterious men burning down my house all because I had books they didn’t agree with, I would be scared too. I think that although the people might not realize it, they feel threatened because the firemen are taking away their ability to think for themselves by burning their books.

mollyo said...

1. The role of firemen today is to keep their community safe from destruction. They put out fires so people can live long, safe lives.

2. I agree with Ruth in the fact the 9/11 made my perception of firemen more real also. I saw them jump on a problem and risk their lives. Many died in the process just trying to save everyone else.

3. The public veiws firemen as poeple who follow the law word by word. They think that the firemen enjoy burning all their books and cherished possessions.